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Cleaning Up the {Reindeer} Poop

The Christmas pudding has been devoured, our gifts have been exchanged, Santa’s reindeer have pooped in the paddock and the extended family have been farewelled!

It’s the day after Boxing Day, when the Christmas chaos has passed and peace is finally restored to our little household. Yippee! Now the holiday fun can really kick in! Don’t get me wrong, the spirit of Christmas doesn’t instantly dwindle when the last gift is given but there is definitely a collective sigh when we wave goodbye to the last of the visitors and can begin to enjoy the weeks of summer holidays ahead! Time for spontaneous adventures in the forest, trips to the beach and whiling away the days playing with {new} favourite toys.

But, wait! Before we get too excited, there’s just one final Christmas tradition that needs to be taken care of. No, it’s not the installation of various batteries into new noise makers. It’s the somewhat onerous task of packing away the Christmas tree.

Tradition says that the 12 days of Christmas end on the 5th of January so we have always kept the Christmas tree up until the 6th. But, after a while, the Christmas tree starts to remind me of leftover food in the fridge; it’s okay for a day or two but after a while it just starts to take up valuable space and gets past it’s use by date. It doesn’t help that the cats sleep under the tree and it’s damn near impossible to vacuum their fur off the tree skirt. Or that our one year old likes throwing random balls at the Christmas tree in an attempt to add extra baubles! It’s simply because there really is nothing sadder than a Christmas tree with no presents underneath it. It’s lost it’s spirit and is just waiting for the inevitable.

InOurGumboots-ChristmasEndWell, this year we’re going against tradition and taking it down before new year. It may be bad luck but the new year will bring a new Christmas and we can look forward to the future Christmas instead of dragging out this year’s celebrations. So, today the advent calendars, cards, wreaths, table ornaments and reindeer poop {aka. chocolate coated sultanas} were packed away. Tomorrow, it will be the tree. Then we can farewell another wonderful Christmas and move on with our summer adventures minus the decorative clutter. As festive as it was, Christmas really wasn’t about the tree anyway.


How long do you leave your Christmas tree up? Feel free to share your traditions!


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