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And a Chair As Well


When my husband and I first moved in together we rented a little shoebox near the beach. It came fully equipped with ancient drains, an unusable fireplace and rebellious mice. Anyway, as it was our first house, it was decked out with an eclectic mix of second and third-hand furniture that was generously donated by friends and family. This included our ultra glamorous dining table! A stunning, brittle, white plastic round table with matching sun-damaged chairs. Okay, it was designed for outdoor use and you could only safely sit on two of the four chairs, but we were uni students so it was absolutely perfect! But when we bought our first real home the old plastic table wasn’t invited along and we purchased our first real dining table set to replace it. With its lovely recycled timber tabletop, hand painted tile embellishments and matching chairs with soft fabric padding, we were dining in style!

Strangely, it’s a bit of a turning point when you buy your first piece of furniture; it’s very… well, grown up! Our dining set was kept in impeccable condition! Then… we had kids. Now, without pointing fingers, let’s just say that there are children who eat with the upmost delicacy and don’t drop a single morsel and then there are children who eat with such enthusiasm that the end result has you cleaning food off the walls and sponging spaghetti out of the cat’s ear. Needless to say, I spent many years scrubbing the chairs after every SINGLE meal and doing a regular deep-clean to get the chairs looking new-ish again. With three kids I really didn’t have the time for it and I definitely didn’t want to be that mum who grumbles at her kids for spilling food. I still truly believe that kids shouldn’t have to worry about making a mess while they’re learning this whole “self-feeding” gig and I’d much rather them focus on getting enough in their tummies to satisfy! But still, I started to get the feeling that we would’ve been better off with our old plastic furniture. Then it hit me! We just needed to transform them into child-friendly chairs!

Making Child-Friendly Chairs!

Essential items:
tablecloth fabric
staple gun

Preparing the chair:
Firstly, I cleaned and deodorised our chairs within an inch of their life and made sure they were 100% dry before starting {I don’t want any mouldy surprises when the time comes to remove the fabric!}.

Step 1:
Remove the seat from the chair. Obviously this step will vary significantly depending on the style of your chairs. But for me, it was as simple as unscrewing the four corners and taking the seat off.

IOGChildfriendlyChairs-04Step 2:
Cut enough fabric to cover the top of your chair and wrap it around the bottom. Staple it down securely. {I have to admit, when it came to the underside, mine wasn’t pretty but the only people who are going to see it are my kids when they build forts under the table so there was no point getting my knickers in a twist about perfection!} The only thing I would recommend is double checking that all staples are fastened into the wood properly! No one wants a random staple falling out and becoming a safety hazard.

Step 3: 
Re-attach the seat to the chair. Again, unless you’re up for playing a prank on your partner, it’s a good idea to make 100% that you’ve screwed it all back together properly so it doesn’t slip off. Then, you’re all done!


For our chairs, I choose different children’s prints in waterproof tablecloth fabrics that wipe clean easily. Keeping the chairs decorated and fun draws the kids to the “cool” chairs but if you wanted to maintain your original furniture’s style you could always use clear plastic tablecloth that you can purchase by the meter at most haberdashery stores.

Now, we’re set! I just need to work out how to protect the walls and perhaps create an umbrella for the cat?




2 thoughts on “And a Chair As Well

    1. Im so glad you found the tutorial helpful! Covering our chairs has been such a time-saver. It’s just a quick wipe at the end of the meal and we’re done! 🙂


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