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The French Toast Post

The French Toast Post - Gluten free, lactose free, low FODMAP via {In Our Gumboots}
School mornings in our household are nothing short of an event. They start off with everyone slowly waking up and climbing into our bed. Then time drifts away as we enjoy morning snuggles and cheerful chats until the difficult decision is made to get up and get ready. This is quiet possibly the worst decision of the day but it’s an inevitable one. From the moment my feet slide out of bed my beautiful cuddly children turn in to three famished little creatures requesting breakfast, or help to make their breakfast, straight away and all at once! Add to the chaos, two cats circling around my feet determined to jump the cue for their breakfast and what follows resembles something like a frantic form of swing dance! I leap, bounce and spin around the kitchen trying to get everyone’s breakfast organised {and pack lunches} while keeping my eye on the clock which somehow fastens its tempo at breakfast time! Once again my passionate dislike for cooking {even cooking simple things like toast or porridge} is renewed! I bustle around in circles until every little tummy is full and the kids toddle off to get dressed; leaving me in a disheveled state to enjoy the culinary delight which is cold, burnt toast. So it’s no surprise that by the time I get home from school drop off I’m still longing for a fulfilling breakfast. Enter French toast! This basic French toast recipe is not only a delicious weekend breakfast alternative and easy lunch option but, more often than not, it makes an appearance as a sneaky after-school-drop-off breakfast backup plan! It’s gluten free, lactose free and low FODMAP but always leaves the option open for more indulgent toppings. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
The French Toast Post - Guten free, lactose free, low FODMAP 02 via {In Our Gumboots}

2 slices of gluten free bread {I like to use Country Life white bread as it has a cake-like texture}
1 large egg, whisked
¼ cup lactose free milk {I recommend Liddell’s}
1tsp caster sugar

1. Gently whisk egg in a bowl.
2. Add milk, caster sugar and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Mix together.
3. Soak bread in mixture. Due to the density of gluten free bread you may need to leave it to soak for a few minutes before flipping it over and soaking for a few more minutes on the other side.
4. Melt a small amount of butter in a flat frying pan and cook on a low heat until it starts to look cooked around the edges. Flip bread and cook until golden brown on both sides.
5. Serve with your favourite topping.
French Toast with strawberries, banana and maple syrup via {In Our Gumboots}French Toast with warm pear and cinnamon via {In Our Gumboots}

Topping suggestions:
Fresh strawberries, sliced banana and maple syrup are a great low FODMAP option.
If you can tolerate levels of fructose and sorbitol, you my like to warm up 1/4 or 1/2 a sliced pear in the microwave and add it to the top of your toast along with a sprinkle of extra cinnamon or caster sugar.

*Please note: Although maple syrup is often approved for low FODMAP diets, it can contain gluten which may not suit your level of tolerance. Make sure you check packaging.




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