Mother’s Block {Getting Back into the Groove}

Ah… Easter. That lovely four day weekend that greets you with open arms. It draws you in with it’s family adventures, spirit of gratitude, bright colours and chocolate bunnies; and spits you out on Tuesday morning with slightly tired kids and a chocolate hangover!

Mother's Block - Getting the Domestic Goddess Groove back via {In Our Gumboots}

I have to admit, after such a wonderful weekend, I’m having trouble getting back into the the swing of things! My mind is still overflowing with adventures from the weekend but it’s now in stiff competition with my laundry basket and kitchen sink {which are also overflowing; but in a much less inspiring way}. While I was lapping up the mini break, life continued and now Tuesday has me staring at an accumulated “to do” list. I’ve stared at it a few times since school drop off and it all sounds a lot less exciting than my ideas for craft projects that I’d much rather be doing! So, now I’ve grabbed a handful of mini chocolate Easter eggs and I’ve come to an abrupt standstill which I lovingly refer to as “Mother’s Block”.

Mother’s Block: that strange, temporary phenomenon where you can see what your supposed to be doing but you have absolutely no desire to do it! This may be because: you lack the motivation; your mind is still living it up on vacation; or you are just so overwhelmed by your “To Do List” that you have no idea where to start. Either way, you’ve temporarily lost your SAHM Domestic Goddess Groove!

I can see my day of Mother’s Block unfolding… I’ll wander around the house and discover 101 things that need to be done, then I’ll go and do something completely unrelated and totally unproductive instead. In the past, I might’ve jumped on Facebook but I’m still Facebook-free so I’ll have to settle with wandering back and forth to the pantry for regular quality checks on mini chocolate eggs {God bless the Easter bunny!}. I’ll get a burst of ambition and put on a load of washing; then promptly forget about it until tomorrow morning. The dishes will start forming a miniature city of skyscrapers; and I’ll get bored of picking up the same objects off the floor so I’ll decide to leave them there to create a new multi-textured floor covering! Before I know it, it’ll be the end of the day and I’ll be wondering how I managed to achieve absolutely nothing! My husband will come home and I’ll try to convince him that burglars ransacked our home and stole… well, nothing. So, before I get stuck in an unproductive state, I’m going to try to shake this temporary Mother’s Block with some of my own lighthearted strategies.

#1 – Grab a cuppa {and a mini Easter egg} and sit down. I know that’s not really productive but let me just get it out of my system before I start! Like so many people around the world, I’m mourning the loss of an awesome long weekend so I just need a minute {and some chocolate} to help me adjust.

#2 – Switch the computer and television off {I’m writing this post, so clearly I ignored this strategy!}. But, usually, staring at a screen is the death of all productivity. Finding 20 new Pin-worthy projects on Pinterest certainly isn’t going to help me plough through my chores.

#3 – Get up and go play! Nothing brightens my day like chillin’ with my little fella. We build Duplo cities, read stories and pull on our gummies and head outside for an adventure or two! Doing something fun with my kids reminds me of why I’m at home in the first place. So, even if the floors are dirty, I can look back on the day and know we still had some quality time together.

#4 – Write a list… or two. When Mother’s Block really gets me befuddled I like to fold a piece of paper lengthways. In one column, I write down the stay-at-home-mum chores that I have to do {mop floors, fold washing, find the kitchen bench}. If I forget to add something, I leave it till the next day. There’s no point shifting the goal posts. In the other column, I make a list of all the fun stuff that I would rather be doing {unleashing the craft supplies, Googling fluffy cows, ringing my sister, reading a chapter of my book}. Then I set up a reward system. If I finish x amount of “must do” items, I can do one fun item. It’s simple but effective!

#5 – Grab a handful of Easter eggs, crank up some awesome music and start busting some moves as I knock off some chores! This is great fun because my kids usually join in too. If I’m not feeling the singing and dancing vibes, I switch to a more relaxing audiobook. It’s a great distraction while I’m hanging washing and inspires my imagination during the more monotonous tasks.

#6 – Recognise a job well done. Even if I don’t manage to finish any jobs, I just need to acknowledge that I still managed to look after my little people even when my Mummy Mojo had left the building – which is epic in itself.

Well, this is my plan. If it fails… so be it! At least I would’ve made a good start on whittling down the excessive Easter egg stash. Besides, tomorrow’s just around the corner and by then it will already be Hump Day! Woohoo!




Do you have strategies for surviving days with temporary Mother’s Block? Do you drop everything and have a relaxed day or do you try to shake it off? I’d love to hear your stories.


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