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The Picture of School Holidays


A Picture of School Holidays via {In Our Gumboots}

Picture this: It’s 9 o’clock on a weekday morning and the kids are in their pyjamas. Their teeth aren’t brushed, they have bed hair {don’t care!} and they’re happily building a giant cubby house together – smack-bang in the middle of the loungeroom. Meanwhile, I’m relaxing in my squishy chair still dressed in my comfiest pjs. The warm autumn air is blowing on my face and I’m watching young calves chew grass in the paddock while I casually enjoy a stacked plate of pancakes for breakfast.

This is the picture of school holidays.

Calm. Relaxed. Free!

A Picture of School Holidays via {In Our Gumboots}

I love school holidays. I live for school holidays! I’m one of those obscene parents who starts the chalkboard countdown weeks in advance and bounces around outside the classroom on the last day of school itching to collect her little person. School holidays start with us zooming away from school, with Cheshire Cat grins, yelling “woohooooooo” through the hills. It’s not that my daughter doesn’t like school; she loves it! But the holidays give us that desperately needed quality time to reconnect as a family and recharge. We drop everything in our overcommitted lives and just spend every day together being “us” in whatever way, shape or form that looks like on any particular day.

Sometimes we have exciting adventures out and about but our favourite days are what my daughters call “home days”. That’s what we’re having today. Home days are the epitome of the perfect day; when we stay home together and just be “us”. The hours flow naturally and we have all the time in the world to spend together.

Time for long philosophical discussions about why Super Ted is the leader when Spotty was actually the one who brought him to life {personally my vote’s with Spotty}.

Time for cuddles that last the whole duration of Willy Wonka.

Time for making huge messes that take twice as long to clean up.

Time for endless games of cricket and Red Rover and hide-and-seek and bouncing on the trampoline and fine dining on hazelnut soup in the cubby house – when I probably should be hanging out the washing.

The clock doesn’t dictate our time together; we just go with the flow. Everyone is calmer and happier and my innate ability to lose track of time allows us to flourish rather than stress. The tv is off, the doors and windows are wide open and the kid’s imaginations are running wild with creative play as they spend quality time together. All is right with our world.

If only every day could be as calm and flexible as during the school holidays. How much happier would we be?

A Picture of School Holidays via {In Our Gumboots}

How do you spend your school holidays? Are you a buzz of activity or do you take time out to be yourselves?



3 thoughts on “The Picture of School Holidays

  1. I can picture you and the little people doing all that! I look forward to a day by myself occasionally even though I’m retired. I didn’t realise retirement could get so busy! xxxx

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