Share Your Gumboot Adventures!


Winter is coming…

No, that’s not a reference to Game of Thrones {I’ve never even seen the show!}. But it is pointing out the obvious – that winter officially starts tomorrow! Yippee!

Winter is Coming... Share Your Gumboot Adventures via {In Our Gumboots}.

Now, I’m not actually a huge fan of the cold. In fact, I’m a bit of a winter wuss. As soon as that thermometer drops below 18 degrees I’m shivering uncontrollably! But… I am an enormous fan of frosty mornings, toasty wood fires, layering up the apparel and of course… GUMBOOTS! So this is the time of year when I can really rock my signature style and admire everybody else’s gorgeous gummies While I’m at it!

To celebrate the coming of winter, I’ve created a new hashtag on Instagram where people can share their gumboot adventures!

Just follow @inourgumboots and tag #inourgumboots whenever you post a photo of you or your family running amok in your gumboots! I’ll be featuring some awesome photos along the way.

So pull on your gumboots and head outside…
I can’t wait to see what gumboot adventures everyone gets up to this winter!





4 thoughts on “Share Your Gumboot Adventures!

    1. Haha, you’re more than welcome to! We love our gumboots – they’re our everyday footwear that are ready at the backdoor for any of our adventures! xx


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