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Cracked Art Paintings

Many moons ago, before three little people popped into my life, I used to spend my days in a very colourful classroom full of Year 1 children. Everyday, I was educating keen little minds and having a whole lot of fun along the way! It was my dream job and one that I’ll return to one day! But, in the meantime, I’m at home casually enjoying my favourite areas of learning with my own little people. Bring on Literacy and Art!

Cracked Art Painting - Kid's Crafternoons via {In Our Gumboots}

Today, I’m sharing an art project that I’ve done with my own children a number of times. It’s also one that went down a treat in the junior primary classroom because of it’s use of mixed media/materials and, of course, scrunching technique!

A4 Paper {a great size as it’s not an overwhelming size for the more casual-paced artists}
Lead pencil
Wax crayons
Watercolour paints
Paper towel

First, ask your child/ren to draw a large picture of an object to fill the paper. It can be anything: flowers, cars, bowls of fruit, rainbows; anything where they can add loads of colour.

Cracked Art Painting - Kid's Crafternoons via {In Our Gumboots}      Cracked Art Paintings - Kid's Crafternoons via {In Our Gumboots}

Once the children have drawn their picture, they can colour it in with wax crayons. If they have white objects in their pictures, like clouds, they can be coloured in with white crayon. Skies and backgrounds can be left as is.

When the picture is coloured in, kids can then scrunch up their paper. This was always a highlight in the classroom but my own kids were very apprehensive about it. They can scrunch it up a number of times until the paper is crinkly and soft. The picture can then be flattened out on a flat surface.

Cracked Art Painting - Kid's Crafternoons via {In Our Gumboots}

Next, the children can choose a watercolour. Add lots of water to the brush before dipping it into the colour, then paint over the entire picture. The cracks in the paper will absorb the watercolour paint {forming cracks} while the wax crayon will resist it.

When the picture is all painted, they may need to dab the picture softly with a paper towel to soak up excess water.

Once it’s dry, kid’s have a cracked art painting that looks like ancient art!

Cracked Art Paintings - Kid's Crafternoons via {In Our Gumboots}

My eldest daughter also decided to create a variation of this idea by painting her picture with watercolours that matched her rainbow. The end result was a very bright and colourful picture! It’s great to let kids experiment along the way; sometimes the best art happen when they think outside the box!

Cracked Art Paintings - Kid's Crafternoons via {In Our Gumboots}



4 thoughts on “Cracked Art Paintings

    1. It’s so much fun! And it’s funny watching the different reactions kids have when you ask them to scrunch their artwork. Some are mortified and some get a mischievous twinkle in their eye! 🙂 xx


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