Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party

Alice in Wonderland Party via {In Our Gumboots}Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Hello again!

Well, we have finally escaped the clutches of June {which, with all our medical sagas, felt more like an episode of House}. But, despite all its downfalls, we also had some pretty amazing adventures in June. The most exciting adventure being our youngest daughter’s birthday party!

Alice in Wonderland Party via {In Our Gumboots}

I’ve always been a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland! It’s the epitome of children’s literature and I get completely lost in its pages. Maybe it’s because I already live in my own little Wonderland or maybe it’s because the logical chaos of Wonderland always makes perfect sense to me. Either way, it’s a place where everybody thinks creatively, people celebrate being who they are and everything is possible – it’s a little creative Utopia…

Anyway, I love it!

So, you can imagine my excitement when my daughter asked to have an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party! I may have squealed… quiet loudly… and more than once! So with 5 days to prepare, I turned my back on social media, housework and dirty dishes and poured all of my energy into creating a budget-friendly Wonderland fit for a kindergartener’s birthday party.

Alice in Wonderland via {In Our Gumboots}

I started off with the invitations which were whipped up in Photoshop, then we launched into the decorations! Our youngest daughter is familiar with the story but her biggest Alice in Wonderland influence comes from the Disney animation. So, to keep our homemade Wonderland in sync with what she’s familiar with, I created some Disney-inspired decorations too.

Cheshire Cat decorations for an Alice In Wonderland Party via {In Our Gumboots}

This mad fellow was created by finding a picture of the Cheshire Cat online and sketching a much larger version onto a huge piece of cardboard. The kids then had a great time painting him and I touched up the edges and used a permanent marker to outline the details. He then grinned wildly from a tree on the day of the party.

I also used the same technique to create a giant pocket watch and door handle to welcome guests into Wonderland. Again, the kids helped with the painting and they also created a paper-link chain to hang the giant watch. On the day, I reinforced the paper chain with string to suspend it from a tree.

Alice in Wonderland Party via {In Our Gumboots}

In a bid to create the appearance of a Wonderland garden in the midst of the deciduous winter trees, I bought some cheap fabric roses and attached them to our rose bushes. Our birthday girl {aka Alice} and Gran {aka The 7 of Clubs} then went around on the morning of the party and slapped on some paint to “paint the roses red”.

I also found some paper flowers on sale at Spotlight to add some oversized blooms to the decorations. Gran and Bugalugs had so much fun putting those together {FYI use glue – lots of glue!}!

Alice ein Wonderland Party via {In Our Gumboots}

Apart from trying to create some flowery blooms and adding a touch of Disney, we decked out the table with decorations that I’d saved from our eldest’s Enchanted Wood party 4 years before. Little touches like the Dormouse in the teapot were added and we decorated the party nibbles to suit a Mad Hatter’s table.

Alice in Wonderland Party via {In Our Gumboots}

Alice in Wonderland Party via {In Our Gumboots}

Alice in Wonderland Party via {In Our Gumboots}

And of course there were outfits to match the party theme! We are HUGE on dressing up in our household, so outfits were a given. The kids dressed as Alice, the Queen of Hearts and the White Rabbit. While my husband came as the Carpenter and I was the Mad Hatter {someone who talks around in circles and makes cups of tea that they never finish seemed pretty appropriate for this stay-at-home-mum!}. My mum and dad even joined in and dressed up as the cards to paint the roses red!

Our outfits were largely put together with a collection of costumes and materials that we already had but I did have to create a dress for the Queen of Hearts and, of course,  the Mad Hatter’s hat {which was possibly the most fun I’ve ever had creating something with a nappy box!}.

Alice in Wonderland via {In Our Gumboots}


I have to admit I get a little overexcited about birthday parties and they are usually something I start planning months in advance, so to pull one-off in only 5 days was quiet an achievement. Everyone had great fun on the day and, as with all our parties, I have carefully stored all of the decorations in tubs – just in case we ever pop down the rabbit hole again! Or maybe next time, we’ll be entering Through the Looking Glass


I love checking out party ideas, so if you have a party you’d love to share please add a link below!


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    1. Thank you, Paula! They were 5 chaotic days, that’s for sure! And like all good parties it was followed by an afternoon snuggled up on the couch trying to stay awake!

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