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Minion Pocket Pals

Minion Pocket Pals - Great for first time sewers! Via {In Our Gumboots}

While I was jumping onboard the pocket warmerย express, Bugalugs {aka Miss 7} was also incredibly keen to try her hand at sewing. So we created a kid’s version of the pocket warmers as well – Pocket Pals! Naturally, these were in the form of Minions but you could turn your pocket pals into anything that tickles your fancy!

To start with, Bugalugs used a coffee mug to trace two circles onto some yellow felt and then cut them out.

She also cut some facial features using white, black and grey/light blue felt.

Bugalugs used the sewing machine to sew them together – leaving a small opening in the stitching.

We then poured rice into the pocket {this required a team effort to make sure we got just as much rice on the floor as in the pocket! ๐Ÿ™‚ }.

She then carefully hand-stitched the opening shut.

Minion Pocket Pals - Great for first time sewers! Via {In Our Gumboots}

At this point we used a hot glue gun to glue on the Minionโ€™s facial features.

These little fellas were so quick and easy to make she made more than one! They make great beanbags to throw around but, if you want to use them as pocket warmers, I strongly recommend sewing the facial features on instead ofย gluing as I canโ€™t voucher for the durability of microwaving a glued creation – the glue may melt! In saying that we have microwaved her creations a number of times and they have survived so far!

If you’d love to get your little people involved in a sewing project of their own, there are also some fantastic ideas over at Coloured Buttons!

We hope you have “sew” much fun making them!



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