World Teachers’ Day – A Simple & Sweet Gift

World Teachers' Day | Simple & Sweet Gift Idea via {In Our Gumboots}

October is finally here! Woohoo!

While we wait for the seasons to realise that they should be transitioning into spring {any day now}, we are keeping ourselves busy with all the adventures that October brings! Our biggest adventure {aka The School Holidays}Β came to an inevitable end yesterday; much to our angst!

Let’s take a moment to mourn the loss of lazy mornings, flexible routines, all day bed hair and endless games of Junior Monopoly

Oh, how we will miss you!

Anyway, now that the kids are back at school and kindy, it’s time to start thinking about World Teachers’ Day! On an international scale, UNESCO nominated the first Friday in October as the day to recognise and celebrate teacher’s for theirΒ endless hours and hard work that they dedicate to educating young children and adults alike. But, because this day falls during the Australian school holidays, we take a bit of liberty and celebrate World Teachers’ Day on the last Friday in October instead.

So, with World Teachers’ Day just around the corner, here is a simple and sweet idea for saying thank you to the special teachers in your family’s life!

How to:
1. Grab a fresh apple.
2. Print a heartfelt teaching quote on some green paper,
3. Cut the quote into the shape of a leaf,
4. Tie it to the apple stem with string.

It really is that simple!

World Teachers' Day - A Simple & Sweet Gift Idea via {In Our Gumboots}Last year I convinced our school’s Parent Committee to create these simple treasures out of the boot of my car at school pick up one day. We then popped them into every teacher’s {and support staff’s} pigeon-hole so they would get a little surprise when they arrived at work the next day. A simple and sweet gift for World Teacher’s Day.

If you’re feeling inspired, or want to get some serious crafting on, there are so many more ideas for homemade teacher gifts on Pinterest. Just search “appreciation gifts” or “teacher gifts”; you’ll be overwhelmed with ideas!

And to all those amazing teacher’s out there:

Happy World Teachers’ Day {in advance}!



5 thoughts on “World Teachers’ Day – A Simple & Sweet Gift

    1. I know what you mean Sammie. I didn’t know anything about it until my own children started school. It’s a hidden celebration for a modest profession! xx


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